Dear laserheads,

As you know, we had to cancel the “Yeah baby! Pt. 3 ”tour. Accordingly, the lavish final party that we actually wanted to celebrate with you and the other bands in the Bambi Galore in Hamburg on the last day of the tour, April 18th, is canceled.

But we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t try everything to give you a fulminant show anyway! That’s why we were more than thrilled when we received the request from the Kulturpalast Hamburg for a streaming show to replace the canceled concert. Not only that. There was even a location upgrade on top, so that we can now hit the big stage in the Kronensaal! You can expect the full action of a night laser show with all the chicanery, with the outstanding building services of the Kulturpalast, but with a guaranteed seat in the first row on your sofa, and with beer prices that YOU determine yourself!

It starts on Saturday, April 18th, at 9 p.m. You can find the live stream under this link:
Stay at Home Live! Night laser in the stream

We have also created an event on Facebook where all information can be found:
Stay at Home Live! on Facebook

We are really excited to have such a great opportunity in these crazy times and wish you and us a super awesome Saturday evening entertainment!

Stay healthy everyone, blast the music really loud and support your favorite bands and promoters!

Rock on!